Full list: 20 policy motions to be debated at Labour conference 2021

The priorities ballot results announced today, giving local party delegates the power to choose ten top policy motions and affiliated organisations the same number, will see Labour conference 2021 debate the following subjects:

  1. Social care
  2. Mental health and the workplace
  3. Green new deal
  4. High street and business recovery
  5. Mineworkers pension scheme
  6. Public services
  7. End fire and rehire and protect workers rights
  8. Community wealth building
  9. A new industrial strategy for a post-Covid recovery
  10. Public ownership
  11. Housing
  12. Electoral reform
  13. The NHS
  14. Violence against women and girls
  15. Immigration and asylum policy
  16. LGBT+ rights
  17. Israel and Palestine
  18. Black Lives Matter
  19. Right to food
  20. Afghanistan

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