Cameron condemned for immigration PR stunt

30th July, 2014 3:30 pm

Yesterday, David Cameron offered an ominous threat to people who are deemed to be ‘illegal immigrants’, when he said we will find you and make sure you are sent back to the country you came from.”  Who knew he meant this literally? 


This announcement was worrying enough in itself – such a threat demonises immigrants and ignores the many reasons people might be in the UK illegally – but the PM decided to take his intimidating statement one step further. Cameron, accompanied by Home Secretary Theresa May, went along to the home of four alleged illegal immigrants after it had been raided by the police. And while he was there, what did he think it was the best time for? A photo-op, of course.

This has rightly been met with criticism from Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty, who said it was “bad taste and constitutionally inappropriate for elected politicians to intervene in law enforcement”.

Chakrabarti’s sentiments have been echoed by Labour MP Tom Watson who has said that is seemed “improper for Cameron to be engaging in a PR stunt over alleged illegal immigration before people involved in the raid have been to trial or tribunal.” He went on to explain that the men in questiondeserve due process” but that Cameron has, most likely, made that more difficult:

“it will be much harder for them to achieve that now that the prime minister has led a media circus to their home. He was happy to be photographed in the home of the alleged perpetrators. I would like to know whether all the legal requirements were adhered to, including whether his name appeared on the warrant for entry, as is expected in these kinds of raids.”

Migrants Right Network have in the past raised concerns over the media attending raids but Cameron and May have decided to pushed this controversial kind of ‘ride-along’ to the limits.

The ethics of this incident didn’t seem to bother Cameron. Alongside making sure he got some photos of his trip out, he took to Twitter to share them anyone and everyone, proudly adding the caption “Theresa May and I met immigration officers in Slough today after several suspected illegal migrants detained in raid.” 

We shouldn’t be too surprised by this though – this comes from a Prime Minister and a Home Secretary who were happy to send vans around London that told illegal immigrants to “go home or face arrest”. 

As their track record on immigration proves, Cameron and May, constantly looking over their shoulders at the so-called ‘Ukip threat’,  are more bothered about appearing tough on immigration, than they are concerned with what’s ethical and what’s not…

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  • gunnerbear

    “Yesterday, David Cameron offered an ominous threat to people who are deemed to be ‘illegal immigrants’, when he said “when he said “we will find you and make sure you aresent back to the country you came from.”

    Excellent…illegal immigrants shouldn’t be in the UK.

    Time HMG started to get rid of them and even yet more whining from the Left. Why do some of those on the Left never, ever applaud when HMG stands up for the decent law abiding types and why do those on the Left always seem to side with the illegals and the criminals.

    “than they are concerned with what’s ethical and what’s not…”

    Hellfire, one on the Left lecturing about ethics… couldn’t make it up. This from Party that gave us a HMG that created a ‘dodgy dossier’ and letters of amnesty for terrorists (and never dared reveal that they had done so).

    • robertcp

      Two wrongs do not make a right and some of us want to live in a free country. That means even suspected criminals have rights.

      • gunnerbear

        If they are here in the UK illegally, they’ve already broken the law.

        • Danny

          Entering a home that you have no right to do so is also against the law. Yet I won’t condemn Cameron and May just yet because I don’t know whether or not they were legally entitled to be in that property. Just like you don’t know whether the residents are actually illegal immigrants.

          I’d love to live in a world as simple as yours, it’d make things a lot easier. Illegal immigrants are criminals. There is little differentiation between a family trying to escape persecution and a common thief.

          I say I’d love to live in a world like yours, but that’s a lie. I’m actually proud that I’ve had embedded in me an empathy to others, regardless of nationality. I’m pleased that my upbringing has caused me to develop a belief that an individual’s welfare is more important than their place of birth. I’m delighted that my education has given me the intelligence to distinguish between a crime of need and crime of greed and hope desperately that I am never in the position to commit the former.

          • gunnerbear

            To reach the UK, most if not all of those illegals have had to travel through lots of safe countries. They could have stopped in plenty of other countries first. Why do they come here?Obvious….because they think (and know) we’re a soft touch. And if they’ve had time to travel through lots of other safe countries they’ve had plenty of chance to reach British officials in those countries before they reach the UK.

  • Dave Roberts

    Get rid of Chakrabatti. She will lose us the next election. She pulls down a hundred K a year. One reason why I no longer contribute to Liberty.

    • JoeDM

      I never give to corporate charities that pay 6 figure salaries and banker’s bonuuses. Small, local and directed at limited identifiable problems and staffed with volunteers is what I look for.

      • Danny

        A local charity for local people!

        I think you’ve just inspired me to dust down my League of Gentleman DVDs.

  • Steve Stubbs

    “– such a threat demonizes immigrants and ignores the many reasons people might be in the UK illegally –”

    There is NO valid reason to be in the country illegally. The clue is in the word Illegally.

    • robertcp

      People are innocent until proven guilty.

    • leslie48

      I wonder if this is such a really big problem. Tax evasion/avoidance/off shore taxation is at 40 billion loss to UK from small builders and taxi drivers ( yes agreed some recent migrants) right through to Amazon, Google corporates who pay little taxes etc.,

      Nor can I accept a ‘morality’ that allows billionaires from Russia, Iran, China to arrive in London by buying their visa and then take our London property (Try that in Thailand or China)

      Illegal immigrants are poor, war victims, uneducated and scared etc., and are probably not that big a threat to our resources as we are what 8th richest in the world. I am a lot more worried by the filthy rich than the filthy poor but of course Boris, Cameron and Farage are not

      • David Battley

        Lumping tax evasion with tax avoidance does not strengthen your argument: quite the opposite, in fact.

        And your points were already “whataboutery” at it’s finest since the question was not about how we pay (yes we are a rich nation, there is always going to be some ability to “find” more cash, unless we really do strangle ourselves), but why we should pay for those who have no legal right to be here.

        A response in the same vein might therefore be “why should we look at taxation matters while people are dying in the Middle East?”

        • leslie48

          I think it’s the addition of both together which shows a massive tax gap which is serious if we hit the weakest in our society.

          I kind of get your general points but it’s surely a Tory PR stunt pushed by their Aussie top dog -Lynton Crosby -while inequality, incomes and poverty worsens in the Right Wing UK.

          • David Battley

            True: this is a pretty desperate PR stunt, and I doubt would attract a single voter not already minded to vote Tory.

    • Danny

      And who appointed you the authority on what is a “valid” reason? If ever my family’s presence in a country made them in danger of persecution or death, I would hotfoot it to the safest haven possible as quickly as I could, regardless of the laws of said safest haven.

      Call me a radical, but the welfare of my children is infinitely more important to me than the legislation of any country.

      • David Battley

        The arbiter of validity is what we have laws and courts for.

        Hence, if you were to claim asylum, and for the duration of the time while your case was being considered, you would be here legally.

        To be here illegally is to remain after such a case is rejected, to not have such a reason, or to ignore the protocols of the country in to which you had hotfooted.

  • Grouchy Oldgit

    Even *illegal* immigrants are human beings. Of course the government has to safeguard public funds (Royal Mail IPO excepted!!!). But do not forget “there but for the grace of god…” These people are here for myriad reasons, put away the broad brush.

    • leslie48

      A kind of view which the BBC might have put occasionally but would not now as it surrenders itself to a nationalistic Right Wing hegemony.


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