PCC by-election to cost the taxpayer £3.7 million

21st July, 2014 10:17 am

It emerged during a House of Commons debate last week that the by-election for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the West Midlands will cost the taxpayer at least £3.7 million.


The cost of the by-election,which will take place on the 21st August after the sad death of Bob Jones, is due to the fact that many polling stations across the region – particularly schools – are closed over the summer.

Jack Dromey, Shadow Policing Minister, has criticised the way the by-election has been organised and pointed out that the money could be better spent elsewhere:

“Last week the new Police Minister admitted the costs of a by-election will soar to £3.7 million. It has also become clear that thousands may be robbed of their right to vote because of confusion over polling stations and postal voting. £3.7 million could have put 158 Police Officers back on the beat”

Labour announced that their candidate would be David Jamieson, former MP. When August rolls around, we’ll keep you updated on the outcome of the by-election.

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  • Chilbaldi

    Abolish these PCCs, they are the most pointless piece of non-democracy ever.

    If you want to devolve police powers do it properly to the cities – by putting policing in the mayoral office of England’s large cities.

    • Tokyo Nambu

      We had a referendum in Birmingham on an directly elected Mayor, and soundly rejected it (58:42), as did most cities. We’re not going to waste time considering it again, thank you.

  • MrSauce

    It is all very well bleating about the cost, but into whose pockets will that money go?

    • RoadrunnerNick

      To the pockets of those (a) printing election notices and ballot papers, (b) delivering candidates’ election literature on the taxpayer-funded delivery, (c) delivering postal ballot papers, (d) letting halls for use as polling stations (e) staffing polling stations and counting votes and (f) publishing notice of the outcome.

  • Doug Smith

    Yes, democracy is too expensive, let’s abolish it.

  • Tokyo Nambu

    Of course, one way to save some money would be to empty-chair the election. The post is a complete waste of time so rather than putting up a non-entity who has been repeatedly rejected by electorates, why not just no put up a candidate?


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