WATCH: GMB backs ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit

The GMB has become the latest Labour-affiliated trade union to formally support a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

In a video statement, general secretary Tim Roache said: “As trade unionists, when we negotiate a pay deal with an employer, we go back to our members and ask them if they’re happy with it. Whether they want to accept or reject it.

“That’s what people deserve now, because the promises that were made during the referendum campaign are simply not the reality we are facing.”

Speaking about GMB members, Roache added: “They did not vote for economic chaos or to put jobs and hard won rights on the line. That’s why GMB supports your right to decide what sort of Brexit, is the right Brexit. That’s why we support a public vote on the final deal.”

GMB, the fourth biggest union in Britain, is joined by others affiliated to the Labour Party – Community and the Corbyn-supporting TSSA – which have also backed the idea of a ‘people’s vote’.

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