MPs to vote on ‘no deal’ and Brexit delay after defeating May’s deal again

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been heavily defeated again – this time by a majority of 149 votes, with 391 against and 242 in favour.

Speaking in the House of Commons after the result, Jeremy Corbyn said: “The government has been defeated again by an enormous majority and it must accept its deal is clearly dead and does not have the support of this House.

“No deal must be taken off the table. We’ve said that before and we’ll say that again. The House has got to come together with a proposal that could be negotiated. The Labour Party will put forward that proposal again.

“The Prime Minister is threatening us all with the danger of no deal, knowing full well the damage it will do to the British economy. The Prime Minister has run down the clock and the clock has been run out on her. It’s time that we have a general election and the people can choose who their government should be.”

Just three Labour MPs – Kevin Barron, Caroline Flint, John Mann – rebelled against the whip to vote for the deal. Ex-Labour MPs Ian Austin and Frank Field, who now sit as Independents, also voted in favour of the deal.

Jim Fitzpatrick was expected to vote for the deal after pledging to do so, but ultimately voted against. Labour members in Poplar and Limehouse have claimed victory for the outcome, as two branches of the local party had passed motions of no confidence in him.

In her response to the result tonight, the Prime Minister confirmed that she would keeping to her commitments by holding a vote on ‘no deal’ tomorrow and a vote on extending Article 50 on Thursday.

She also revealed that the ‘no deal’ motion would be subject to a free vote for the Tories, allowing cabinet members to vote either way without having to resign from their posts.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Allowing a free vote on no deal shows Theresa May has given up any pretence of leading the country. Once again, she’s putting her party’s interests ahead of the public interest.”

It is very likely that the Commons will vote down ‘no deal’ on Wednesday and likely, though less certain, that MPs will vote for an extension to Article 50, thereby delaying Brexit.

Below is the full text of the ‘no deal’ motion to voted on tomorrow, after the Spring Statement.

That this House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and a framework on the future relationship on 29 March 2019; and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement.

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