“For many of them, ripping up rights is what Brexit is all about” – Corbyn slams Tories on workers’ rights

Jeremy Corbyn has said that the Conservative Party’s claims to care about workers rights are insincere, given their past record.

Theresa May had claimed to be committed to protecting and extending workers’ rights in an attempt to get Labour MPs to support her Brexit deal.

However, Corbyn said that, for many Tory MPs, weakening workers’ rights is part of the appeal of Brexit.

“Just look at the record of the party opposite,” he said, “they attacked trade union rights through the trade union act. They kept this house up all night, opposing the minimum wage in 1997. They’re the party that introduced employment tribunal fees and introduced the public sector pay cap.”

“For many of them, Mr Speaker,” he finished, “ripping up rights is what Brexit is all about.


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