Labour election results: Re-read updates on Labour landslide win as it happened

Photo: @Keir_Starmer

Keir Starmer today declared “change begins now” before he headed to Buckingham Palace and began to appoint his cabinet, with the Tories suffering an historic rout as Labour pulled off a Tony Blair-style landslide.

Labour has now won 412 seats including ‘Red Wall’ constituencies like Bolsover, bellwether gains like Nuneaton and Stevenage, high-profile scalps like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Liz Truss, and success deep in Tory heartlands like Aldershot.

Labour surged to become Scotland’s largest party, helped make Wales a Tory-free zone, and won back Rochdale and Finchley – while the Tories lost around 250 seats with two remaining to declare. The Lib Dems, Reform and the Greens all made record gains.

Yet Labour’s 35% tally is the lowest ever for a governing party, while Jeremy Corbyn won in Islington North, the Greens ousted a shadow cabinet member in Bristol Central, and a Gaza effect cost seats including Blackburn and Jonathan Ashworth’s in Leicester.

Read updates on the results below as they happened, alongside analysis and comment. LabourList in partnership with Headland has also been tracking Labour gains, holds, losses and new MPs here, with rolling updates in real time to the list and map showing the national picture.

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2.17pm: Thanks for following our liveblog

We are closing this liveblog now and moving over to our cabinet appointments liveblog. Thank you for following all the latest on the election results with LabourList through Thursday night and into today.

You can follow for updates on Starmer’s cabinet appointments here.

1.58pm: Starmer poses in front of door to No 10

1.43pm: Full transcript of Starmer’s first speech as PM

We now have a full transcript of Starmer’s speech up on the LabourList site.

Starmer declared in his speech that it is “surely clear” to everyone that the country “needs a bigger reset, a rediscovery of who we are”, saying: “Because no matter how fierce the storms of history, one of the great strengths of this nation has always been our ability to navigate away to calmer waters.

“And yet this depends upon politicians, particularly those who stand for stability and moderation – as I do – recognising when we must change course.”

He continued: “From now on, you have a government unburdened by doctrine guided only by the determination to serve your interest, to defy, quietly, those who have written our country off. You have given us a clear mandate, and we will use it to deliver change.

“To restore service and respect to politics, end the era of noisy performance, tread more lightly on your lives and unite our country.”

Read the new Prime Minister’s full speech here.

1.19pm: Anas Sarwar posts picture of new Scottish Labour MPs

Earlier today, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar posted a picture with Scottish Labour’s MPs. With one seat in Scotland left to declare, Labour has increased its total north of the border by 36 compared to 2019 – with the party now holding 37 seats.

1.15pm: Germany’s Scholz congratulates Starmer

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has congratulated Keir Starmer on the election result, writing in a post on X: “As friends in Europe, our countries are closely linked in politics, business and civil society. I look forward to deepening our cooperation in NATO, the G7 and between our governments.”

1.12pm: TUC on Starmer’s speech: ‘Working people can hope again’

Responding to Starmer’s speech, TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said: “After 14 years of chaos and decline, working people and their families can hope again. Keir outlined a vision today for repairing and rebuilding our country.

“That hard work starts today. The trade union movement stands ready to roll up its sleeves and help the new government deliver Labour’s New Deal for Working People, and a fairer economy for all.”

12.57pm: Starmer: ‘A government of service in the mission of national renewal’

Closing his speech, Starmer says: “With respect and humility, I invite you all to join this government of service in the mission of national renewal. Our work is urgent, and we begin it today.”

The new Prime Minister and his wife have now entered No 10 where there were greeted by applause from civil servants.

The Institute for Government’s Alex Thomas outlined what the next few hours might look like for Starmer in a webinar yesterday. You can read our full write-up of the event here.

12.54pm: ‘The work of change begins immediately,’ Starmer says

“The work of change begins immediately,” Starmer declares.

“If I asked you now whether you believe that Britain will be better for your children, I know too many of you would say no. And so my government will fight every day until you believe again.”

12.50pm: Starmer: ‘Whether you voted Labour or not, we will serve you’

Starmer says: “If you voted Labour yesterday, we will carry the responsibility of your trust as we rebuild our country.

“But whether you voted Labour or not, in fact, especially if you did not, I say to you directly: ‘My government will serve you.’ Politics can be a force for good. We will show that.”

12.45pm: Starmer’s first speech as PM

Keir Starmer is making his first speech as Prime Minister outside of No 10.

He begins by thanking outgoing PM Rishi Sunak, highlighting his achievement as the first British Asian Prime Minister: “We also recognise the dedication and hard work that he brought to his leadership.”

“But now our country has voted decisively for change, for national renewal and a return of politics to public service,” the new Prime Minister declares.

12.28pm: Crowd assembled in Downing Street

A crowd of Labour staff has assembled in Downing Street ahead of Keir Starmer’s first speech as Prime Minister.

The new Prime Minister has now left Buckingham Palace and is heading towards Downing Street.

12.21pm: Starmer formally appointed as PM by the King

Keir Starmer has now been formally appointed as Prime Minister by the King.

12.00pm: Starmer arrives for meeting with the King

Keir Starmer has arrived at Buckingham Palace to meet the King to form a new government.

His meeting with the King follows Rishi Sunak’s earlier today, after which the Palace released a statement confirming that the former Prime Minister had tendered his resignation, “which His Majesty was graciously pleased to accept”.

11.00am: Short break in liveblog coverage

We’re going to be taking a short break from our liveblog now, but will return to cover all the latest in due course.

10.45am: Sunak: ‘I take responsibility for this loss’

Rishi Sunak is addressing the country for the final time as Prime Minister. He begins by saying sorry to the country: “You have sent a clear signal that the government of the United Kingdom must change.”

“I have heard your anger, your disappointment and I take responsibility for this loss.”

He announces that he will step down as Tory Party leader “not immediately, but once the formal arrangements for selecting [his] successor are in place”.

10.41am: King arrives at Buckingham Palace

ITV News reports that the King has arrived in London from Windsor ready to receive outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and incoming Prime Minister Keir Starmer later today.

10.35am: All the latest election coverage from LabourList

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Liz Truss loses South West Norfolk: Beaten by a lettuce, beaten by Labour

Scotland results: Labour makes big gains as SNP obliterated

Wales results: Labour bags 27 of 32 seats as Tories wiped off the map

Red Wall: Gains in Stoke, Grimsby, Redcar, Workington, Hartlepool, Barrow, Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Bolsover

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Senior Tory loses seat as Labour mayor Dan Norris wins

Gaza: Jon Ashworth loses in Leicester as independents win Blackburn and Batley

Islington North: Jeremy Corbyn holds on in strong result over Labour

Nuneaton, Stevenage, Swindon, Worcester: Labour wins in key bellwether marginals

10.31am: How to meet public expectations

“5,173 days. That’s how long since Labour last governed. It shows how monumental this victory is. I hope new MPs can squeeze in time to celebrate and breathe before parliament resumes. It also illustrates just how novel government will be for many MPs picked for departmental posts, with New Labour veterans dwindling.”

LabourList’s editor Tom Belger writes here for today’s Guardian on how high public expectations and Nigel Farage warning he’s “coming for” Labour mean the pressure to spend big will grow louder by the week.

10.13am: How does Starmer make the most of his triumph?

Tony Blair remarked that ‘you start at your most popular and least capable, and you end at your most capable and least popular’.

Phil Tinline of the Future Governance Forum writes here on how Starmer can make the most of this moment of triumph.

9.57am: Labour gains Poole from the Tories

Labour has gained Poole in Dorset from the Tories with a majority of just 18 votes. The BBC reports the result announcement only came after a third recount.

9.46am: What to expect in Starmer’s cabinet

Keir Starmer will be appointing his first cabinet over the coming hours. He last reshuffled his shadow cabinet in September 2023, though many have been in post for longer.

Compared to Blair’s transition in 1997, Starmer’s top team has more ministerial experience between them – but there is still the potential for change, which may affect what the cabinet looks like and how effective they will be at their jobs.

Sachin Savur of the Institute for Government writes for us on how much change to expect, the experience MPs bring and how it may fare on gender.

9.31am: Check out our interactive maps of Labour gains and holds

Check out our interactive map of Labour gains and holds, produced in partnership with Headland Consultancy – where you can compare this election’s results with those of 2019.

You can find our map here.

9.15am: Five seats left to declare

Just five seats are left to declare:

  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
  • Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire
  • Poole
  • South Basildon and East Thurrock

The BBC reports that the Poole contest has gone to a third recount, while the broadcaster reports that South Basildon and East Thurrock is going to a full recount this afternoon at 2pm.

8.54am: Labour gains Hendon by narrowest of margins

Labour has gained Hendon from the Tories by a majority of just 15 votes, according to Sky News, with Labour’s David Pinto-Duschinsky winning 15,855 votes ahead of the Tory candidate on 15,840.

8.51am: Result may mask ‘deeper discontent’ with political system, More in Common argues

More in Common’s UK director Luke Tryl has written for us this morning, arguing that “there is a danger that tonight’s result masks a deeper discontent with the whole of the political system, not just a problem with one political party”.

“Labour will have their work cut out from day one to show a new type of politics, both in tone and delivery. Keir Starmer talks of the politics of service and respect and we know, from our conversations with voters, making that a reality is likely to be precisely the antidote to the cynicism they feel. But tone alone won’t be enough,” he writes.

Read the full piece here.

8.40am: Zelensky congratulates Labour on ‘convincing’ victory

President Volodymyr Zelensky has congratulated Keir Starmer and Labour on a “convincing election victory”, writing in a post of X: “I wish the incoming government every success both in domestic affairs and in solidifying the UK’s leadership on the world stage.

“I look forward to working closely together on strengthening the Ukraine-UK partnership and restoring international peace and security.”

8.37am: Compass: ‘Progressives now have power to change electoral system’

Commenting on the election results, deputy director of cross-party campaign group Compass Frances Foley said: “At this election, we’ve seen the progressive majority that has existed in this country for decades emerge from beneath a system that so often stifles it. Progressives have learned how to game the system. Now they have the power to change it.

“This cross-party caucus of reformers should waste no time in pushing for a decade of democratic renewal – as a first order issue. And these MPs should be in no doubt about how popular this would be. At this election, Compass local groups have helped to elect 35 new PR champions from across all of the progressive parties in places like Cumbria, Somerset, Oxfordshire and Suffolk.

“Those MPs have sailed to power on a wave of pro-democracy enthusiasm from voters everywhere, who’ve lent their votes in huge numbers. That faith has to be repaid by grasping the opportunity for bold systemic change. Now, with the calls for PR coming from the right as well as the left, a transition to equal votes is now a question not of if, but when.”

8.30am: Fabians offer congratulations to Starmer

Labour affiliate the Fabian Society has congratulated Keir Starmer on the election result in a statement from general secretary Andrew Harrop – describing it as a “huge and historic victory that seemed impossible to imagine a few short years ago”.

“This is, of course, a moment to celebrate. But the task of changing Britain starts today. Labour’s manifesto was shaped by Fabian values and filled with Fabian ideas. We look forward to working closely with the new government to turn them into reality, alongside a Fabian Prime Minister and almost 200 Labour MPs who are Fabian members,” Harrop writes.

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8.22am: LCER: ‘Most disproportionate election in British history’

The Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform has claimed that this general election is “the most disproportionate election in British history”, based on the provisional result.

The group argues this is “not simply unfair”, but “totally unrepresentative [and] utterly broken” and calls on Keir Starmer to introduce a “fair voting system that reflects how the British people vote – [and] makes all votes count”.

8.16am: What happens now…

Rishi Sunak will head to Buckingham Palace later, and then Keir Starmer will go too before heading to Downing Street and getting cracking finalising his cabinet.

If you can’t help getting ahead of yourself thinking what happens next, do have a read of our guides to…

Day one: What would happen on Starmer’s first day in charge?

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Foreign affairs: ‘Whatever happens to Biden, Starmer faces a US challenge’

8.14am: Blair congratulates Starmer on election result

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has congratulated Keir Starmer on the election result, writing in statement posted on X: “To take the Labour Party from where it was to where it is now has taken immense skill, courage and leadership.”

8.12am: Labour loses Birmingham Perry Barr to Independent candidate

Labour has lost Birmingham Perry Barr to Independent Ayoub Khan, the BBC reports. According to the broadcaster, Khan won the seat with 35.5% of the vote, while the vote share for Labour’s Khalid Mahmood tumbled to 34.1%.

8.06am: Labour’s vote share unpacked

The BBC reports that Labour is on 35% of the vote nationally from results so far, the lowest a governing party has ever had, despite the landslide victory.

It’s five percentage points lower than Labour’s 2019 tally, but the Conservatives only secured 24% – which the BBC dubbed their “worst performance ever”.

7.48am: Dartford maintains status as longest-running bellwether

Dartford, the country’s longest-running bellwether seat, has continued that trend, Sky News reports.

The seat has been won by the party that went on to form the government at every election since 1964 – a trend continued with Labour candidate Jim Dickson’s victory at this election.

7.35am: Largest ever Co-op Party Westminster group

The Co-operative Party, which stands joint candidates with the Labour Party, saw 43 Labour and Co-operative MPs elected at the general election.

This marks a historic high for the Co-operative Party, with those elected making up the Co-operative Party’s largest ever Westminster group.

7.23am: Labour candidates celebrate results

Labour candidates have been celebrating their results in posts on X:

7.09am: State of the parties this morning

Labour hit 400 seats by around 7am this morning, with a handful of seats left to declare.

Labour is now on 409 seats, the Tories on 117, the Lib Dems on 70, the SNP on eight, the Greens on four and Reform on four, according to Sky News.

7.02am: Labour gains Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Labour has gained the politically significant seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip – formerly held by ex-Tory PM Boris Johnson and held by the Tories in the face of a strong Labour challenge in a by-election last year.

Labour has also picked up Wycombe, formerly held by government minister Steve Baker, and has gained Derbyshire Dales and Crawley from the Tories.

6.52am: Former PM Liz Truss loses her seat to Labour

The former Tory Prime Minister Liz Truss has suffered a spectacular defeat to Labour in her South West Norfolk constituency, in an extraordinary result few saw coming on election night.

The former Tory leader, who led Britain for just a matter of weeks after sparking an economic crisis she has shown little remorse over, was MP in the seat from 2010, and had an enormous 26,195-vote majority in 2019.

It marks a dismal end to her career, and one of the biggest scalps Labour has taken at this election. A BBC presenter called it an “ignominious” exit.

Read more here.

6.50am: World leaders congratulate Starmer

World leaders have congratulated Keir Starmer on the election result. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he “look[s] forward to working constructively” with the incoming Labour government.

Posting a picture with Starmer, Canada’s Justin Trudeau said: “Lots of work ahead to build a more progressive, fair future for people on both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s get to it, my friend.”

6.44am: More Labour gains up and down the country

Labour has gained Aylesbury, Chelsea and Fulham, Kettering and South East Cornwall – all from the Conservatives.

6.34am: Labour holds Birmingham Ladywood

Labour’s Shabana Mahmood has held Birmingham Ladywood – but with a substantially reduced majority, down to 3,421 votes.

6.30am: Labour gains in Northampton North and Reading West and Mid Berkshire

Labour’s Lucy Rigby has gained Northampton North from the Conservatives, while the party’s candidate Olivia Bailey has gained Reading West and Mid Berkshire, also from the Conservatives.

Labour has also technically ‘gained’ Wellingborough and Rushden and Selby from the Tories since 2019 – though both were previously won by the party in by-elections during the last parliament.

6.19am: ‘Embarrassing own goal’ in Chingford

Momentum has called the survival of Iain Duncan Smith with a split left vote an “embarrassing own-goal by the Labour leadership”, and attacked the deselection of Faiza Shaheen.

Just 79 votes separated Labour’s current and former candidates. More on that here.

6.12am: Labour’s gains and holds mapped

We’ve got a full list and map of Labour gains, holds, and losses, plus a list of new MPs – check them out here

6.10am: Greens hold Brighton Pavilion

The Green Party has held Brighton Pavilion, but with a slightly reduced majority. Sian Berry secured 55% of the vote, with Labour’s Tom Gray winning 27.7%.

6.02am: Tories reach 100

The Conservatives have just made it across the threshold of 100 seats – by comparison, Labour are approaching 400 with 392 seats so far.

The Liberal Demcorats have also reached a milestone of 60 seats.

5.50am: Labour holds Bethnal Green and Stepney and Birmingham Yardley, but only just

Rushanara Ali and Jess Phillips have won re-election, but by narrow margins against independent candidates.

Phillips won by 693 votes against a pro-Palestine candidate, with Ali winning by less than 1,700 votes.

More on the Gaza effect in multiple seats here

5.45am: SNP collapse in Scotland

In Scotland Labour has won an impressive 37 seats, with the Scottish National Party picking up just six so far, the Lib Dems two and Conservatives just one.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross lost his seat to the SNP. Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar called it an “incredible and historic” night, saying voters had rejected the SNP and Tories. Scotland saw some of Labour’s best gains in its share of the vote.

Updates here shortly

5.35am: State of the parties

Labour is now on 373 seats, up 184 on the last election, with the Conservatives on 94, down 204 from 2019.

The Liberal Democrats are on 52, the SNP on six, Reform UK four, the Green Party three and Plaid Cymru two.

Labour has surpassed the number of seats won by Boris Johnson at the 2019 general election.

In terms of vote share, Labour has won 35.1%, up 1.6% on 2019, while the Tories have fallen almost 20% to just 22.9%.

5.32am: Green Party on track for four seats

The Green Party have outperformed the exit poll, gaining two seats from the Conservatives – Waveney Valley and North Herefordshire.

The party gained Bristol Central earlier this evening and is expected to hold Brighton Pavilion.

5.30am: Tory wipeout in Wales

The Conservatives have lost Monmouthshire to Labour, dislodging Welsh secretary David TC Davies. The result now means the Tories have now lost every seat in Wales.

Read Chris Carter on how the local CLP set the standard for campaigning…

Labour has won 27 seats in Wales, making gains including Montgomeryshire, Wrexham, Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan.

5.29am: Exit poll updated following results

The BBC now forecasts Labour will win 408 seats, down from the exit poll projection of 410, and the Tories will win 136, up from the 131 initially projected.

“You will not be fired,” a BBC presenter joked to pollster Sir Jonathan Curtice, who led work on the exit poll projection.

See our map of all Labour gains and holds so far here

5.25am: Labour gains Loughborough

Former New Economics Foundation head of economics Jeevun Sandher has won in Loughborough, another key bellwether.

5.19am: Labour wins Dover and Deal

Labour has won in Dover and Deal, a tough battle despite it being technically a Labour ‘hold’ – as the former Tory MP defected to Labour shortly before the election before then standing down.

Veteran Mike Tapp won the seat. We spoke to him earlier in the campaign here – it’s worth a read.

5.13am: Labour wins every seat in Glasgow

Latest results from Scotland show Labour has won every seat in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

5.04am: Labour wins Dartford

Labour has won the bellwether seat of Dartford, which has backed the party of government at every election since 1964.

5.02am: ‘We did it’: Starmer addresses supporters

Starmer is giving a victory speech to Labour supporters, telling them: “Change begins now.”

He said: “People will be waking up to the news, relieved that a weight has been lifted… and now we can look forward again and walk into the morning. The sunlight of hope, pale at first but getting stronger through the day. Shining once again on a country with an opportunity after 14 years to get its future back.”

He also said that the country will “get its future back” after 14 years of Conservative rule.

Starmer has warned that election victories do not “fall from the sky” and this contest was only won through hard work and a “changed Labour party”, in what appeared a veiled warning to the left of the party – as well as a message of reassurance to sceptical voters.

“We ran as a changed Labour party, and we will govern as a changed Labour party.”

Read more on Keir’s speech here

5.00am: Dan Norris defeats Jacob Rees-Mogg

West of England Mayor Dan Norris has defeated Jacob Rees-Mogg in North East Somerset and Hanham.

Norris returns to parliament after being ousted by Rees-Mogg in 2010.

Read the full story here

4.54am: Labour reach 326

Labour has won 326 seats in this general election, securing a majority in the House of Commons.

4.53am: Labour lose Dewsbury and Batley to independent

Another independent gain from Labour, this time in Dewsbury and Batley. Iqbal Mohamed defeated Heather Iqbal by almost 7,000 votes.

More on Labour’s Gaza troubles here

4.51am: Labour loses Blackburn to independent

Labour has lost the seat of Blackburn to an independent candidate. Adnan Hussain won by 132 votes, defeating Labour candidate Kate Hollern.

More on Labour’s Gaza troubles here

4.48am: Father of the House loses seat to Labour

Sir Peter Bottomley, the Father of the House, has lost his seat to Dr Beccy Cooper in Worthing West.

Cooper won 40.2% of the vote, to Bottomley’s 32.5%.

4.47am: Labour surpasses 300 seats

Labour has now surpassed 300 seats in the general election, with more than 200 seats left to declare.

The party has so far won 311 seats, up 144 from 2019.

4.45am: Labour gains East Worthing

Tom Rutland has become the new Labour MP for East Worthing and Shoreham – it is the first time the party has won the seat.

4.42am: ‘Difficult night’, Sunak admits

Rishi Sunak has won re-election in Richmond and Northallerton. In his victory speech, he conceded that Labour has won the general election and said it was a “difficult night”.

“The British people have delivered a sobering verdict,” he said.

4.40am: Wes Streeting narrowly wins re-election

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting came within 1,000 votes of losing his east London seat, Ilford North, to an independent.

Labour has faced a string of challenges from independents campaigning hard to win Muslim voters angered by Labour’s failure to show more support for Palestinians during the Israel-Hamas conflict.

More on the Gaza effect here

4.35am: Turning Scotland scarlet

Labour’s positive night in Scotland is continuing with multiple gains in Glasgow – and the SNP still on course for near-wipeout.

Read the full story here

4.32am: See how red the map is so far

My colleague Sam Dickinson has been updating our map in partnership with Headland showing all the Labour gains and holds so far, versus 2019.

Do check that out here

4.30am: Labour wins Glasgow South

Gordon McKee has defeated SNP MP Stewart McDonald in Glasgow South – read our profile about McKee from our visit to his new constituency here.

4.27am: Labour gain in Finchley

Labour has won Finchley and Golders Green from the Conservatives with a 4,581 vote majority. Labour’s vote increased by 20%, while the Tories’ fell by 8.7% and the Lib Dems’ vote by 25%.

to add to finchley post, can embed tweet –

Finchley and Golders Green has the most Jewish voters of any UK seat – check out Morgan Jones’ visit during the campaign here:

Finchley and Golders Green has the most Jewish voters of any UK seat – check out Morgan Jones’ visit during the campaign here.

4.26am: Share of vote so far

Labour’s share of the vote so far at the election is 37%, up only 1% on the last general election. However, the Conservative share of the vote is only 22%, down by 20%.

4.26am: Seven cabinet ministers lose seats

So far, seven cabinet ministers have lost their seats at the general election:

  • Grant Shapps (Defence Secretary – Labour gain Welwyn Hatfield)
  • Simon Hart (Chief Whip – Plaid Cymru gain Caerfyrddin)
  • Gillian Keegan (Education Secretary – Lib Dems gain Chichester)
  • Alex Chalk (Justice Secretary – Lib Dems gain Cheltenham)
  • Penny Mordaunt (Commons Leader – Labour gain Portsmouth North)
  • Lucy Frazer (Culture Secretary – Lib Dems gain Ely and East Cambridgeshire)
  • Johnny Mercer (Veterans Minister – Labour gain Plymouth Moor View)

4.20am: Labour gain in Falkirk

Labour’s Euan Stainbank has won Falkirk with an almost 5,000 majority over the SNP.

The first Glasgow seats have also declared, with Labour gains in Glasgow East and Glasgow North East.

4.15am: Labour wins Great Grimsby

Labour has won back Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes, a seat it had lost to the Conservatives at the last general election.

4.10am: Penny Mordaunt loses in Portsmouth North

Penny Mordaunt has lost her seat to Labour by 780 votes, with Johnny Mercer also losing his seat in Plymouth.

4.03am: Labour gains Aldershot, Watford and Southampton Test

Labour has won Aldershot, the home of the army, by a substantial majority, as well as gaining Watford and Southampton Test.

3.58am: Fourth seat for Reform UK

Richard Tice has won election in Boston and Skegness, traditionally one of the safest Conservative seats in the country.

3.56am: Labour miss out on Basildon by 20 votes

Richard Holden has won in Basildon and Billericay, defeating the Labour candidate by just 20 votes.

The Economist has described Basildon as the most average place in Britain, according to official statistics.

Labour has fared better in other traditional bellwether general election seats seen as typical of the country at large – winning Nuneaton, Stevenage, Worcester and both Swindon seats – more on that here.

3.54am: Labour losses in Leicester

The Shadow Paymaster General Jonathan Ashworth has lost his Leicester seat and Labour has failed to retake the former Labour MP Claudia Webbe’s Leicester seat, amid signs of a voter backlash over Gaza.

Read the full story here

3.52am: Greens win Bristol Central

Shadow Culture Secretary Thangam Debbonaire has lost her seat of Bristol Central to the Green Party. The Greens secured 56.6%, with Labour winning 32.6%.

More on Debbonaire’s defeat from my colleague Ben here.

3.51am: Labour win Rutherglen

Labour has won the seat of Rutherglen from the SNP – the party won the constituency in a by-election last year.

3.48am: Liberal Democrats win Chichester

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan has lost her Sussex constituency of Chichester to the Liberal Democrats.

3.45am: Labour vote down in areas with large Muslim population

Sky News analysis has shown that the Labour vote is down by more than 14% in areas with a Muslim population above 15%, with anger over Gaza contributing to the large independent vote we are seeing in some constituencies.

3.42am: State of the parties

As it currently stands, Labour has won 153 seats, up 65 from the last election. The Conservatives are on 27, down 75 from 2019. The Lib Dems have 17, with Reform three and others on five.

3.40am: Labour miss out on Great Yarmouth

Reform UK has won Great Yarmouth, with Labour’s Keir Cozens missing out on the seat by just 1,369. The Conservatives were pushed into third, losing 40.5% of their vote from 2019.

3.35am: More Labour gains

Labour has won Penrith and Solway and Southend East and Rochford, but fallen short in Mid Bedfordshire.

The party has also flipped Paisley and Renfrewshire North and Midlothian from the SNP.

3.30am: Nigel Farage wins election

Nigel Farage has become an MP on his eighth try, winning the constituency of Clacton by a comfortable majority.

Farage won 46.2% of the vote, with the Conservatives second on 27.9% and Labour third on 16.2%.

In his victory speech, Farage said he is “coming for Labour” and said there is “no enthusiasm for [Keir] Starmer”.

3.28am: Jonathan Ashworth loses seat

In a shock result, Jonathan Ashworth has lost in his seat of Leicester East to an independent candidate.

Shockat Adam won by less than 1,000 votes with 35.2% to Ashworth’s 32.9%.

3.26am: Jeremy Corbyn wins Islington North

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has held his constituency of Islington North as an independent.

Corbyn won 49.4% of the vote, while Labour’s Praful Nargund won 34.2%.

3.24am: Turnout ‘lowest since 2005’

According to polling expert Professor John Curtice, overall turnout at the election looks set to fall to just 61%, which would be the lowest since 2005.

3.21am: Labour hold Cambridge

Labour has held on to Cambridge – the exit poll forecast a close race between Labour and the Lib Dems, but Labour’s Daniel Zeichner won by more than 26 points.

3.19am: First SNP seat of the night

The SNP have won their first seat of the night, holding Aberdeen North.

3.18am: Douglas Alexander returns to Parliament

East Lothian has been won by Labour from the SNP, with former Labour minister Douglas Alexander returning to Parliament. The constituency was one of Labour’s top targets in Scotland.

3.15am: Labour miss out in Leicester East and Chingford

Labour has failed to win Chingford and Woodford Green, with the party’s candidate Shama Tatler and former candidate Faiza Shaheen splitting the left vote and allowing former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith to cling on.

Just 79 votes separated Labour’s Shama Tatler from the party’s former candidate Faiza Shaheen in the east London constituency, which Labour has never won but improved its tally in and nearly took in 2019.

Read more on that result here

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have surprisingly won Leicester East from Labour, following a number of independent candidates eating into Labour’s vote.

3.10am: Welyn Hatfield turns red as Grant Shapps out

The defence secretary Grant Shapps has lost his seat, with Labour taking it.

Meanwhile justice secretary Alex Chalk lost his seat too.

3am: Essex gains

Labour has seized both Harlow and Thurrock in Essex, two key target seats.

2.50am: Labour wins Stevenage

Labour has won the seat of Stevenage, touted as crucial for the party in building a winning coalition to enter Number 10.

However, the Conservatives have narrowly held on to Huntingdon, the former seat of John Major, by less than three percent.

2.46am: Labour gains first Scottish seat of night

Labour has won Kilmarnock and Loudon from the SNP, the first Scottish seat to be announced tonight.

2.44am: Fire alarm stops count in Chichester

It is being reported that a fire alarm has stopped the count in Gillian Keegan’s seat of Chichester. Lib Dem and Conservative sources have claimed that Keegan will lose her seat to the Liberal Democrats.

2.43am: Labour win Tipton and Wednesbury

Former TUC head of communications Antonia Bance was won in Tipton and Wednesbury, where she’d needed a 6.1% swing to win.

2.41am: Labour hold Putney

Labour has held on to Putney, the only constituency it gained from the Tories at the 2019 general election.

2.40am: Recount in Chelsea and Fulham

Sky News are reporting there is a recount in Greg Hands’ seat of Chelsea and Fulham, which the exit poll had forecast would be a Labour gain.

2.38am: Tories lose Wrexham to Labour

Labour has won Wrexham from the Conservatives – a seat the party lost in 2019.

2.34am: Labour victory in Rochdale

Labour’s Paul Waugh has won in Rochdale, defeating Workers Party candidate George Galloway. Waugh secured 32.9% to Galloway’s 29%.

2.30am: Labour gains Ken Clarke’s old seat

Labour has just won Rushcliffe, the constituency formerly held by Tory grandee Ken Clarke. Labour secured 43.8% of the vote, with the Conservatives dropping to just 30.9%.

2.28am: Labour rebuilding the red wall

Labour has won back a string of key ‘red wall’ seats as it looks to rebuild in its former heartlands, taking back Redcar, Whitehaven and Workington, Hartlepool, Darlington and Cramlington and Killingworth.

Former Redcar MP Anna Turley will return to the Commons, and victory in Hartlepool will be widely welcomed after Labour’s bruising by-election defeat there in 2021.

But former Tory deputy chair Lee Anderson, who defected to Reform, became Reform’s first MP in Ashfield, where he once worked for the former Labour MP Gloria de Piero.

Read the full story here

2.24am: Labour gain Hartlepool

Hartlepool, which was forecast to be won by Reform UK, has been won by Labour. The constituency voted Conservative in a 2021 by-election, which almost prompted Keir Starmer to quit as party leader. The Tories were pushed into third by Reform UK.

Labour has also gained Cannock Chase, which required a monumental swing from the Tories to win, as well as Redcar.

2.19am: Reform UK’s Lee Anderson wins Ashfield

Labour has missed out on winning Ashfield by around 5,500 votes, with Lee Anderson becoming the first Reform UK of the night.

2.17am: Labour gains Colchester but fails to gain Broxbourne

More results coming through, Labour has gained Colchester and held onto Battersea, but the party has failed to win Broxbourne – missing out around six percent.

2.13am: Blackpool South won by Labour

Results are starting to come through quite fast now – Labour has won Blackpool South, the seat the party won earlier this year in a by-election.

2.10am: Barnsley South – Labour hold

In another seat expected to flip to Reform, Labour has held Barnsley South, with Stephanie Peacock re-elected.

2.08am: Labour gain in Swindon North

Labour has gained Swindon North, with Will Stone defeating Justin Tomlinson. It had needed a swing of at least 14% to scrape a win.

Labour comfortably secured 41% of the vote to 31% for the Tories.

Full story on both Swindon seats turning red here

2.06am: Two more Labour gains

Another two Labour gains have been announced in the last few minutes, namely in Telford and Bridgend.

2.00am: Labour hold Barnsley North and Reeves’ seat

Barnsley North, which was forecast to go to Reform UK, has been held by Labour.

Labour has also comfortably held Leeds West and Pudsey, the seat of Rachel Reeves.

1.56am: ’20 votes in it’ in Basildon and Billericay

The BBC has just reported that there are only 20 votes between first and second in Basildon and Billericay, according to a Labour Party source.

1.52am: Labour gain in Darlington

Labour has just gained Darlington from the Conservatives, with a swing of 8.1% from the Tories to Labour.

1.50am: Labour gains bellwether seat of Nuneaton

Labour has won the traditional bellwether seat of Nuneaton, with Jodie Gosling taking it for the opposition party at the general election.

Tory Marcus Jones was defeated. Labour had needed a swing of 14.5% to win the constituency, significantly above what experts suggest Labour needs to secure a majority of at least 30. Labour secured a 19% swing in the constituency.

Read more here

1.47am: Full recount in Basildon and Billericay

A full recount is taking place in Basildon and Billericay, being contested by the Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden.

1.45am: Tories win first seat, but lose another to Labour

The Conservatives have won their first seat, a hold in Rayleigh and Wickford. However, the party has also lost another seat to Labour in Stroud.

1.41am: Lib Dems claim possible victory over Gillian Keegaan

A Liberal Democrat source has told the BBC they believe they have defeated Education Secretary Gillian Keegan in the Sussex constituency of Chichester.

1.38am: What could happen next if Labour wins?

Ed Dorrell writes for us on what could come next in the first 100 days if the exit poll proves right.

“Huge congratulations all round. But sorry to be that guy – now we’ve got to get on with the boring business of governing – and governing well.

“Power transitions almost instantaneously.”

Read more here

1.34am: First Lib Dem gain

The Liberal Democrats have won their first seat of the night in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

1.31am: South Shields – Labour hold

Another Labour hold in the North West, this time in South Shields.

1.30am: ‘Huge privilege’ to be first female Chancellor, says Reeves

Rachel Reeves has told Sky News that it would be a “huge privilege” to become the UK’s first female Chancellor, assuming the exit poll is correct.

She said: “If the results unfold in the way that the exit poll suggests, then Labour are on course for a historic victory.

“But it’s still early hours yet, and we’ll see how the results unfold as the next few hours go by.”

1.26am: Suspended Reform candidate on course to win

Reform UK is forecast to win Barnsley North from Labour – Reform’s candidate Robert Lomas was suspended from the party over alleged racist comments, so it is likely he will sit as an independent in Parliament if elected.

1.20am: Cramlington and Killingworth – Labour hold

Emma Foody has been elected as the MP for Cramlington and Killingworth, another Labour hold. Reform UK pushed the Conservatives’ Ian Levy into third by around 1,000 votes.

1.17am: Islington North ‘troubling’ for Labour

The BBC is reporting that a Labour source has said Islington North is looking “troubling” for Labour, with the seat too close to call between the party and former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

1.15am: Could Labour win Aberdeen South?

Scottish political editor for The Times Kieran Andrews has reported that a “well-placed source” has predicted a Labour victory in Aberdeen South, the constituency of SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn.

The exit poll forecast predicts the seat is too close to call… between the Conservatives and Labour.

1.08am: Gateshead Central and Whickham – Labour hold

Latest seat to declare is Gateshead Central and Whickham, a Labour hold taking Labour’s seat count so far to seven.

1.05am: Lib Dems claim victory in Wimbledon

According to the BBC, the Liberal Democrats have claimed victory in the three-way marginal of Wimbledon, as well as Tunbridge Wells.

1.00am: ‘Discussion about PR needed’, says Dawn Butler

Despite the huge Labour victory, Dawn Butler has said that a discussion will have to be had around introducing proportional representation for general elections.

She told the BBC: “There is already a debate about PR, but I think it will be even stronger now.”

12.50am: Current map of Labour seats

12.48am: 11% swing from Conservative to Labour so far

The BBC have put the swingometer on display based on the results so far, and Labour has so far secured an 11% swing from the Tories.

If this was a uniform swing, Labour would be on course for a majority of 98 seats. However, Labour is understood to be performing better in seats they needed to win, with the party winning seats where Labour needed a 20% swing, such as Romford and Redditch.

12.42am: Newcastle Central and West – Labour hold

Another Labour hold, this time in Newcastle, with Chi Onwurah being elected. Reform UK have again has pushed the Conservatives into third place.

Labour’s vote dropped by 14% in the seat, with a swing of 12% from Labour to Reform.

12.40am: ‘Corbyn heading for narrow win’

Times columnist Patrick Maguire has reported, citing a “Labour source in Islington” that Jeremy Corbyn is on course for a narrow victory, with the possibility that he might win by fewer than 1,500 votes.

12.28am: Washington and Gateshead South – Labour hold

Labour has held onto the constituency of Washington and Gateshead South, taking the party’s seats so far to five.

12.17am: Swindon South – Labour gain

Heidi Alexander is returning to Parliament as the new MP for Swindon South. It is the first Labour gain of the evening, winning the seat from the Conservatives and defeating Robert Buckland.

Labour secured a 16% swing from the Conservatives to Labour.

12.10am: ‘Biggest comeback since Lazarus’, says Kinnock

Former Labour Leader, Lord Kinnock, has described the party’s predicted landslide as “the greatest comeback since Lazarus”.

He told ITV News Election 2024 host Tom Bradby: “A gain of 208, according to the exit poll, which were driven directly to Keir Starmer and what he’s achieved in four years, two of which of course, were during the lockdown. It’s the biggest comeback since Lazarus.

“I must say I’m just ecstatic about the fact that an entirely dependable, fully grown-up guy, Keir Starmer, and his wife, are going to go through that door tomorrow. I have unalloyed and unreserved delight.”

12.05am: Sunderland Central – Labour hold

Lewis Atkinson has won in Sunderland Central – for the third time tonight, Reform UK has pushed the Conservatives into third place.

The swing in the seat was 7.7% from Labour to Reform.

12.00am: Iain Duncan Smith forecast to lose seat

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith is forecast to lose his London seat of Chingford and Woodford Green to Labour, according to the exit poll.

There had been concern that controversy over the late decision to deselect Faiza Shaheen and her independent candidacy could split the vote and allow the Conservatives to hold the seat.

However, the exit poll gives Labour a 99%+ likelihood of victory.

11.55pm: More possible Labour gains… and losses

We have only had two results in so far, but we have taken a closer look at some of the possible results as forecast by the exit poll.

Labour is expected to win Bridlington and The Wolds, as well as North West Norfolk, Lowestoft, Forest of Dean and both seats in the Isle of Wight.

However, Labour is also forecast to lose a number of seats to other parties. We mentioned a few seats the party is predicted to lose to Reform, but the exit poll also forecasts a loss to the Liberal Democrats in Sheffield Hallam.

Cambridge is also too close to call, with the Lib Dems 51% likely to win the seat from Labour.

Thangam Debbonaire, the Shadow Culture Secretary, is also forecast to lose her seat of Bristol Central to the Green Party.

11.45pm: The new political map of Britain?

Photo: BBC

The BBC has just shown what could be the new political map of Britain based on the exit poll.

Most striking is the collapse of the SNP, with the Conservatives forecast to make gains in Aberdeen South, Argyll and Bute and Angus.

11.33pm: Blyth and Ashington – Labour hold

Ian Lavery has been re-elected as a Labour MP in the new constituency of Blyth and Ashington. Reform UK for the second time tonight has placed second, with the Conservatives pushed to third.

Labour secured 50% in the seat, with Reform on 27% and the Conservatives 15%, with a 7.9% swing from Labour to Reform.

11.15pm: Houghton and Sunderland South – Labour hold

Labour’s Bridget Phillipson has held Houghton and Sunderland South, with Reform UK placing second ahead of the Conservative Party.

Phillipson won 47%, with Reform on 29% and the Tories 14%. The reported swing is a 3.4% swing from Labour to Reform.

11.10pm: ‘Disappointing night’, says Andrea Leadsom

Speaking to the BBC, Andrea Leadsom has said it has said the exit poll is “devastating” for the Conservative Party and described it as a “disappointing night”.

11.00pm: Possible Labour losses to Reform

According to the exit poll, Labour could be on track to lose a number of seats to Reform. Reform is forecast to win a number of seats Labour won in 2019, including Hartlepool, Barnsley North and Barnsley South.

Hull West and Haltemprice is too close to call, with Reform given a 49% chance of winning the seat from Labour.

However, Ashfield – being defended by Lee Anderson – is too close to call, with a 46% chance of a Labour gain.

10.50pm: Islington North ‘too close to call’

It is being reported that the exit poll predicts that Islington North, being defended by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, is “too close to call”.

Corbyn is standing as an independent after being expelled from the Labour Party, with Praful Nargund being selected as the Labour candidate.

10.45pm: Starmer has done ‘tremendous job’, says Rayner

Speaking to Sky News, Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner said the exit poll is “encouraging” and said Keir Starmer has done a “tremendous job in transforming” the Labour Party.

She said: “We understand the weight on our shoulders… and I would say to the people of this country, I will always put you first, and I will fight really hard every day to turn things around.”

10.40pm: Labour blogger’s reaction to exit poll

10.30pm: How does exit poll compare with previous elections?

Labour is forecast to win 410 seats, up more than 200 seats from the last general election. How does that compare to previous results for Labour?

Tonight’s exit poll is similar to that of Blair in 2001, who secured 412 seats in the House of Commons. The result is also close to the 1997 landslide result, when Labour won the most seats in its history – 418.

For the Conservatives, the result is a historic low, equal to the 131 seats they won in the 1906 general election.

10.25pm: Keir Starmer thanks voters

10.17pm: Wes Streeting tears up at result

The BBC is reporting that Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting teared up as he saw he exit poll.

10.14pm: Penny Mordaunt likely to lose seat

According to the exit poll, Penny Mordaunt is likely to lose her seat in Portsmouth North, with Mordaunt having only a 25% chance of winning.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has a 47% chance of winning re-election in North East Somerset and Hanham.

10.08pm: Watch the moment Labour supporters at our election night watch party saw the exit poll

10.00pm: Exit poll

The exit poll has just been published and is forecasting a substantial Labour majority. Labour is expected to win 410 seats, with the Conservatives reduced to a historic low of 131. The Liberal Democrats are expected to win 61 seats, with Reform UK on 13, the SNP on 10, Plaid Cymru with 4 and the Green Party on two.

9.51pm: Full house at LabourList party

Hundreds of people have gathered at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London to watch the exit poll and results as they come in with us.

9.50pm: Labour’s dissolution peerages

While we wait for that important exit poll, the dissolution peerages have been revealed, with Margaret Hodge, Harriet Harman and Rosie Winterton among those heading to the House of Lords.

9.30pm: Wondering what actually happens next if Labour wins?

Keir Starmer and his wife vote on polling day. Photo: Labour
Keir Starmer and his wife vote on polling day. Photo: Labour

Luckily some experts from the Institute for Government, whose work includes advising political parties on preparing for power, are on hand for those impatient to know how power is transferred, and then what will be top of Keir Starmer’s in-tray if we get the result we’re all itching for.

Our colleague Katie summed up their take here on what would happen on Starmer’s first day in charge, while the IfG’s Ben Paxton wrote for us recently on what would happen during the first 100 days.

9.20pm: How do I find out more on where Labour needs to win and the swings needed?

Here’s one we prepared earlier…

You can see aspiring MPs nationwide with the swing needed, current MP, polling and 2019 result in every seat in our candidate map, in partnership with Headland.

9.15pm: What are the key seats to watch – and when?

What are the key seats that might give Labour supporters some indication of the state of the parties as the election night plays out?

Here’s our essential guide to 24 seats to watch for 2024, in order of expected results times, from winning over Stevenage Woman and Red Wall seats like Cramlington and Killingworth to key Scottish marginals and red-green battles in Bristol and Brighton.

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